Ikebana Japanese flower arrangement Container
Item No.C001

Length 25.5cm/Width 14.5cm/Hight 5.5cm

USD $35.00
Item No.C002

Length 20cm/Width 13.5cm/Hight 12.5cm

USD $55.00
Item No.C003

Length 45cm/Width 10cm/Hight 5.3cm

USD $56.00
Item No.C004

Outer rim diameter 36cm
Inner rim diameter 29cm
Hight 6cm

USD $75.00
Item No.C005

Length 24cm/Width 10cm/Hight 5.5cm
(2 pieces)

USD $80.00
Item No.C006

Length 30.5cm/Width 16cm/Hight 7.5cm

USD $47.00
Item No.C007

Caliber 6cm/Hight 30cm
(2 pieces)

USD $56.00
Ikebana Japanese flower arrangement Kenzan
Item No.K001

Radius 7.8cm/Width-length 11cm

USD $22.00
Item No.K002

Length 9.8cm/Width 6.8cm

USD $26.00
Item No.K003

Length 10.3cm/Width 5.5cm

USD $25.00
Ikebana Japanese flower arrangement Scissors
Item No.S001

Length 16.5cm

USD $30.00

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Ikebana Japanese flower arrangement

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Ikebana Online Lesson

Ikebana is the ancient Japanese art of flower arrangement

The practice of ikebana can also be a meditative process

The time spent in communication with the materials in ikebana provides a respite from today’s stressful and busy lives

Ikebana is different from Western floral arrangements in its use of empty space and asymmetrical forms
Please have lots of fun in ikebana