is the first site on the Internet to offer Ohara School of Ikebana Certificates through online study of the curriculum. Each certificate acknowledges that the student has acquired the appropriate skills through the lessons and is ready to move on to more advanced forms and styles. Each certificate builds on the skills and techniques learned in the previous lessons of each course, helping you to refine your skill set and give you a greater understanding of ikebana.

The first four certificates can be achieved through the online lessons: 
Beginner’s Course
Advanced Course
Assistant Teachers' 1st Term Course
Assistant Teachers' 2nd Term Course.

To receive the certificate, pictures of each completed lesson must be submitted to Stephen. He will look at the pictures, give feedback, and give any necessary revisions. You will then have to make any necessary revisions and send another set of pictures to Stephen for a final check.


After the course lessons have been completed and revised, an additional fee (certificate and shipping), paid through your PayPal account, will be billed to those who are interested. The certificates will be sent to from the head office in Kobe, and we will then mail the certificate to you from Japan.

The certificate fee for each course:

Beginner’s Course, 7,330 Japanese yen
Advanced Course, 16,760 Japanese yen
Assistant Teachers' 1st Term Course, 20,950 Japanese yen
Assistant Teachers' 2nd Term Course, 24,090 Japanese yen

A Certificate Course, where you will receive all of the videos for the certificate at the same time, is also available. You can work your way through the course at your own pace, learning about the different forms and styles, increasing your individual skills. Please e-mail us for more information if you are interested.

The curriculum is outlined below:

**Beginner’s Course (8 lessons)**
Basic Hana-isho
Rising Form 4
Inclining Form 4

**Advanced Course (16 lessons)**
Advanced Hana-isho
Radial Form (Front View) 4
One-Row Form (Front View) 4
Circular Form 2
Basic Hana-isho
Rising Form 3
Inclining Form 3

**Assistant Teachers’ 1st Term Course (16 lessons)**
Advanced Hana-isho
Radial Form (Multi-sided) 2
One-Row Form (Multi-sided) 2
Circular Form 2
Basic Hana-isho in a vase
Rising Form 2
Inclining Form 2
Color Scheme Moribana, Color Method
Upright Style 3
Slanting Style 3

**Assistant Teachers’ 2nd Term Course (16 lessons)**
Color Scheme Moribana, Color Method
Upright Style 3
Slanting Style 3
Heika (arrangement in a vase)
Slanting Style 3
Upright Style 3
Hanamai 2
Free Selection 2

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Ikebana Online Lesson

Ikebana is the ancient Japanese art of flower arrangement

The practice of ikebana can also be a meditative process

The time spent in communication with the materials in ikebana provides a respite from today’s stressful and busy lives

Ikebana is different from Western floral arrangements in its use of empty space and asymmetrical forms
Please have lots of fun in ikebana